Fiery sunset at Holy Island is tops

Some of the sunrises and sunsets recently have been nothing short of spectacular.

Friday, 2nd November 2018, 12:59 pm
A fantastic fiery sky caught by Claire Ashby waiting for the tide to allow her access to Holy Island causeway. 275 Facebook likes

A fine example was Claire Ashby’s picture of the Holy Island causeway taken at sundown, which had 275 likes and took the honours last week.

Every day at, we share your images of the county under the title, View of Northumberland. Then each week in the Gazette, we feature the four which received the most likes.

Darren Chapman calls this picture taken at Kypie Farm, The Tree of Light. 229 Facebook likes.

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In second place was Darren Chapman’s Tree of Light (229 likes); Kerry Joanne MacBlain picked up third spot with her dog Dexter at Bamburgh (131 likes); and Carmelle Stewart-Hook’s ethereal picture taken at Blyth was fourth, with 124 likes.

Post your pictures at and remember to like your favourites.

The perfect combination - Bamburgh Castle and a dog. This handsome chap is Dexter. Thanks Kerry Joanne MacBlain. 131 Facebook likes
Heading south to Blyth for a lovely Carmelle Stewart-Hook picture of the beach. 124 Facebook likes