Festival to celebrate the puffin is a crowd-pleaser

Amble Puffin Festival'posing with Tommy'Picture Anna Williams
Amble Puffin Festival'posing with Tommy'Picture Anna Williams

The second Amble Puffin Festival was a real success, attracting positive feedback and helping trade in the town.

The unique event closed at the weekend, having run from Monday, May 26, to Sunday, June 1.

Amble Puffin Festival'Saturday crowds'Picture Anna Williams

Amble Puffin Festival'Saturday crowds'Picture Anna Williams

Celebrating everything puffin, the extravaganza took place at the best time of year to see the iconic Coquet Island birds as they care for their newly-hatched pufflings.

The festival was organised by Amble Town Council’s events’ committee in partnership with Amble Development Trust.

Activities included guided nature walks, bird watching, local history talks, photo exhibitions, arts and crafts, watersports and live music.

Town-council clerk Elaine Brown said:

“We have had positive feedback from the community and the schools, while the business community said that there was an improvement in trade at this year’s festival compared to last year. “If we do do the festival again next year then we will be keen to work with the business community and Amble Business Club and would encourage as many businesses to take part as possible.”

Some of the highlights this year included the two-day Colony Music Festival, featuring town-based band, The Range, and a successful dog show, with some pooches coming dressed as puffins.

Elaine said: “The music festival on the final two days was very popular. There was a nice mix of people, the sun came out and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer ending to the festival.

“I would like to thank all of the planners, organisers and helpers for a hugely successful and enjoyable week.”

This year’s event was held over a week, compared to the 2013 extravaganza, which was staged over a fortnight.

Elaine said: “It was beneficial having it over one week instead of two. Two weeks was a hell of a task. One week was a bit more manageable.

“We are still yet to have a mop-up meeting and decide what to do next year.”