Felton Parish Council, November meeting

A certificate has been issued for work to take place on the Riverside, members of Felton Parish Council were told at their November meeting.

Tree branches and willow in the river will be removed and soil will be resited.

Northumberland County Council has confirmed that work will be taking place to improve the footpath at St Michael’s and All Angels’ Church in the near future.

Parking problems in South Lane have again been raised with the police as a resident is now parking completely on the footpath and not allowing access along the pathways for residents.

The police are investigating the matter.

Speed tubes are to be asked for, for as close to the village hall as possible.

Complaints have been received again about the parking in relation Springfield, including workmen blocking in a resident who had to ask them to move their cars as they were parked too close to allow the resident to remove their vehicle.

This has been reported to Northumberland County Council who is currently investigating a number of issues in relation to this site.

Letters have been sent to The Gallery re their signage on the bridge and the Glass Studio re their signage on the entrances to the villages, requesting they remove their signs as no planning permission has been issued for either signs.

Coun Marsden reported that the banner has come off the bridge and is lying on the ground below and needs rescuing.