Felton Parish Council

THE mystery removal of a tree from the recreation field has been solved.

For the last few months, the parish council has been trying to find out why a tree was cut down.

It was thought that it was done by NEDL because of problems with overhead power lines.

This month, clerk Lisa Hamlin revealed that NEDL had been contacted to chop down the tree by a resident because of numerous power cuts.

But the council was not contacted about it and Mrs Hamlin was told that NEDL had been trying to get in touch however they had used the wrong contact details.

And it was also heard that the tree was taken down within a very short time of NEDL being notified about a problem.

Coun Stephen Walton said: “Two or three days is an insufficient amount of time. They should have written to us about it.”

Frustration was also voiced about whether the tree was on the resident’s land or the council’s land.

A letter is to be sent to NEDL about it.

But in another tree-related matter the parish council heard that they will not find out about applications to fell trees until after work has been carried out.

Mrs Hamlin had been trying to find out since November why a tree had been felled in the village without the council being given any notification, but had no success in any response from the county council.

But a letter from Peter Rutherford which apologised for the delay in response stated that under local planning guidelines the county council did not have to inform the parish council.

COUN Sylvia Harrison said she was ‘extremely disappointed’ in a contractor who was supposed to be carrying out work on Felton’s recreation field.

Drainage works are needed to rectify problems at the site, but after a spell of bad weather the area needed to dry out but last week’s meeting heard that nothing has yet been done.

Coun Harrison said: “He has got to get on with this.”

But clerk Lisa Hamlin said that work was due to be carried out during the Easter school holidays, however the council did not want to close the play area during that time.

Chairman, Coun Tony Hood said: “He was going to come back at another time as well but the area was flooded and it would have wrecked it.”

Mrs Hamlin said that it was hoped work would take place in the next couple of weeks.

ALLOTMENTS are now ready in Felton and those waiting on the list are being contacted.

The nine plots have been marked out and dug and Mrs Hamlin is contacting all those on the current waiting list to see if they are still interested.

Rent at the new area is to be increased from £7.50 per year to £10 per year because of the bigger sizes.

CONCERNS were raised about the council having to pay legal fees for the transfer of land.

A five-year battle to transfer a layby opposite the Acton turn off from Northumberland County Council to Felton Parish Council is coming to an end.

But the parish has been charged £550 to cover the county’s legal fees.

Coun Hood said: “This is a bone of contention. Why have we go to pay £550 of their legal fees when I bet they haven’t had to pay anything to the Highways Agency to transfer the land from them.”

But Coun Marion Clarke said: “We don’t want it to get stuck in the system for any longer.”

The council has funds to cover the fees.

LITTER picking is to be carried out on the A1, the council was told.

A NEW notice board will be in place soon.

It will be put up to the right of the village shop but is being varnished at the moment.

THE dog warden has been informed about dog fouling in the village.

GRIT bins on the bridge have been moved. The council is to ask for them to be put back into their original places.

A DONATION of £15 is to be made to Community Action Northumberland.

A WELCOME leaflet which is being produced for Felton and Thirston is ready to be printed.

Coun Tony Hood was re-elected as parish council chairman for the next year and Coun Sylvia Harrison was given the vice-chairman’s role.