Felton Parish Council

Tree felled

POLICE are to be informed after a tree was illegally cut down on the recreation field.

Chairman of the council Coun Tony Hood said the tree, in the south east corner of the field, which was parish council-owned land, has been recently felled and logs have been ‘nicely lined up’.

Coun Sylvia Harrison said: “What a cheek.”

Coun Marion Clark added: “I saw it one day last week and it was very newly sawn. They have obviously had the proper equipment to do it.”

Coun Richard Barnes said he would speak to dog walkers who may know who did it. Coun Eileen Blagburn said: “It’s theft.”

Clerk Lisa Hamlin is to report the incident to Northumbria Police.

NORTHUMBERLAND County Council is still waiting for points to be clarified before Felton Parish Council can adopt a layby in the village.

The clerk told the meeting that a response from the Highways Agency is still pending about the takeover of the layby near the Acton turn-off.

She added that concerns had been raised about access to a field behind the layby. But councillors agreed that they wouldn’t be able to stop access.

NEW allotments in Felton are due to be ploughed this week.

Coun Hood told the council that work was due to take place last week but it had been postponed.

The clerk added that there was a waiting list of nine people wanting full allotments and two people wanting half each, but only six would be made out of the new space next to the existing ones on Barns Road.

She added that residents from Thirston were also on the list as there were no allotments there and it was agreed that priority would be given in the order that requests were made.

Concerned that some on the list might not get a space Coun Clark asked if anyone would be persuaded to take half an allotment.

The clerk said she could ask and added that the list may need to be revised as it dates back to 2007 and some of those may no longer be in need.

WORKERS are desperate to sort out problems at the children’s play area, the parish council heard.

The clerk said Geko, the company which is carrying out work at the site, has been unable to do anything so far because of the bad weather.

She said: “They wanted to come out this week but with all the rain I thought it would be too boggy. We will have to wait a while until we get a dry spell.”

Coun Hood said that equipment had been painted but a ‘shoddy’ job had been done. “They haven’t even knocked off some of the paint that was starting to flake,” he said.

He added that damp patches at the top of the football field by the goalposts have appeared and raised concerns that a drain isn’t working properly.

ENGLISH Heritage will not repair railings on Felton’s main road bridge.

The parish council wrote to the conservation body asking if it fixes broken railings, but a response said that it has a statutory limit on what it can and cannot comment on.

It added that the only time it would be involved in Grade 2 listed buildings is if it involves demolition.

Coun Stephen Walton said: “Surely if it falls into disrepair it is a safety hazard and they have to repair like with like.”

But the clerk said it would only offer advice on repair works.

THE council has requested updated figures for the county council services which the parish may need to take over.

After concerns were raised about the figures given earlier this year, the clerk has asked the county to provide the parishes proper running costs.

She said: “They are going to get back to me with updated realistic figures and then based on those we will decided when we get someone out to speak to us about them,

“When we asked the deputy leader, Coun Roger Styring, about the figures at the precept meeting he apologised and said they were a guesstimate.”

Coun Blagburn said: “They shouldn’t be in the business of giving out guesstimates.”

CONCERNS have been raised about rubbish on the recreation field.

Coun Clark said that people using the field were leaving a lot of mess behind and Coun Walton added that after football matches have taken place the touchline is covered in litter despite two bins being close by.

A litter pick will take place in the village on Saturday, March 26 at 10am.

FELTON cemetery has been well used during the last year. Coun Hood said that for the first time someone had reserved and paid for a burial plot in advance.

l DAVISON Avenue has been allocated for resurfacing by the county council.

l COUN Marion Clark is still working on a welcome booklet for Felton.

l THE next Felton in Bloom meeting will take place on Thursday, February 24, at 2pm in the Village Hall.

l GLASS has been repaired in Felton’s phone box as a gesture of goodwill.

l A DONATION of £30 was made to the Great North Air Ambulance and £25 was given to Age Concern.

l THE council received £500 for the recreation field and £150 for Felton in Bloom from Felton Fair Committee.

l TUBS outside the old bank have gone missing. The matter is to be reported to police.