Farmer Andrew ploughs ahead with unique proposal

Andrew Gallon and Caroline Pymer
Andrew Gallon and Caroline Pymer

As romantic wedding proposals go, a north Northumberland farmer’s efforts will take some beating.

Andrew Gallon, from Howtel, near Milfield, surprised his girlfriend, Caroline Pymer, by ploughing his wedding proposal into a field – and the good news is that she said yes!

Andrew Gallon ploughed his marriage proposal into a field.

Andrew Gallon ploughed his marriage proposal into a field.

“I had no idea,” said Caroline, known as Caz.

“He came in one day, told me to put a blindfold on and drove me halfway up a hill,” she said.

“I know that sounds weird but I could only think that he had a surprise in store for my birthday which was coming up!

“As you can imagine I got a big surprise when I took the blindfold off and saw the proposal ploughed into the field.

“Andrew then bent down on one knee and presented me with an engagement ring.

“It was very romantic and I think secretly Andrew is quite pleased with himself!”

Last Sunday’s proposal has been the talk of the community in recent days.

Caroline, who works in The Red Lion at Milfield, admitted: “I’m sure it’s provided a real talking point for everyone.”

Andrew was given special permission by his boss to carve the message into the field.

And he took special measures to ensure Caroline didn’t see it beforehand.

“We share a car and he took it away for the day, saying he was going shopping,” said Caroline. “He also said he’d pick me up from work so that I wouldn’t drive past the field.”

The couple, who have a seven-month-old son, Dominic, haven’t set a date yet.

“We’re looking to set one for the beginning of 2017,” said Andrew.

“We’re waiting till Dominic can walk so he can walk down the aisle with Caroline.”