Farm rent reviews concern

Concern over an ‘aggressive approach’ to farm rent reviews by Northumberland Estates has been voiced by the Tenant Farmers’ Association.

National chairman, Jeremy Walker, has said sustainable solutions should be sought by landlords on a farm-by-farm basis and market conditions need to ba taken into account.

He added: “Landlords should take note of the difficult farming conditions of last year and the continued struggle this year following the effects of the poor weather of 2012.

“Farmers across the country are faced with problems including poor crop establishment as well as quantity and quality issues associated with last year’s harvest, rising input and feed costs which is putting pressure on farm margins across all sectors.Tenant farmers would much rather be making good profits and paying good rents to their landlords, however landlords must accept that in tough times the ability of tenants to pay increased rents will be severely limited.

“Tenants should not feel browbeaten and forced into settling and it is essential that tenants seek advice about their individual circumstances before agreeing to anything.

“I would strongly urge the Northumberland Estates and other landlords at this time to take a realistic approach and allow rational negotiations to take place.”