A farcical search for love and trousers

I'll Get My Man by Warkworth Drama Group.

Saturday, 6th August 2016, 8:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:08 pm
Warkworth Drama Group presents I'll Get My Man by Philip King.

A vicar bereft of his trousers, cases of mistaken identity and failed attempts at romantic connections had audiences at Warkworth’s Memorial Hall in fits of laughter last month.

I’ll Get My Man, a farce by Philip King, was the latest offering of Warkworth Drama Group under direction of Gary Brown and Antonia Hoskins.

The Rev Arthur Humphrey, eager for the love of a good woman, decides to place a lonely hearts advert in The Times. But he wants to keep this mission secret from his bossy sister, Harriette, who rules his life and ruins his digestion.

Enter nephew Peter, a huge TV heartthrob who wants to stay at the rectory to escape the attentions of many female admirers and in particular the voracious punk songstress, Pixie Potter. Throw in a love-struck char, who faints at the sight of the star, a loopy fantasist and a dumbstruck bishop and (nearly) all the elements of an English farce are in place.

After a hesitant start, the players swiftly picked up the pace of the two-act play and provided a receptive audience with rollicking fun.

Richard Brearley excelled as the lovelorn, hen-pecked stammering vicar; his timing, dithering and red jockey shorts had the audience in stitches. He was ably backed by Marion Jones as the fainting char Mrs Carter, and Gill Lyons as his awful sister.

There were fine performances from Andrew Wharton as Venture Man Peter Graham and Trisha McCarthy, whose portrayal of lusting man-hungry Winifred Barrington-Locke, was a sheer delight.

The strong main players had wonderful support from Samantha Taylor as Pixie, Andrew Beaton as the bewildered Bishop, Steph Wilkinson as Josephine and Gary Brown as the prying paparazzo.

Special mention should be made of the excellent set and costumes, courtesy of John Lilley, Tim Gray and Linda Williams. The raffle made £200 for the Memorial Hall maintenance fund.