Family’s pain after dead son’s Twitter account hacked

Stephen Carey.
Stephen Carey.

A bereaved mother has had to endure more grief after her son’s personal account on a social-networking site has recently been used – nearly two years after he died.

Joy Bowman ‘feels sick’ after she and other family members last week received a message to say that they were now being followed on Twitter by Stephen Carey.

But the 21-year-old from Alnmouth passed away in July 2012 after collapsing while playing football for his village side.

The recent ordeal has caused much agony for his loved ones.

Worse still, the family don’t know who is responsible – and fear it is somebody acting maliciously.

Devastated Joy said: “After Stephen died we left his Twitter account open because he loved using Twitter.

“But on Monday, February 10, his account was used and eight people have been followed by the account. Most of these people are family members.”

The family has tried to alert Twitter by email and fax.

They have requested that Stephen’s account be closed and they also want the IP address from where his page was activated.