Family-run business feels the effects of famous surfing seal

Matty Stanley and the seal.
Matty Stanley and the seal.

An Amble-based watersports business has been inundated with calls from punters after a surfing seal sparked a world-wide frenzy.

The phone at Northside Surf School did not stop ringing in the days following the online release of incredible footage which captured the cute creature attempting to ride the waves.

In the video, shot from an onboard camera, the animal joins a surprised Matty Stanley, from Amble, and Andrew Flounders, of Morpeth, and eventually manages to hone its boarding skills.

The heartwarming incident happened off the coast of Amble on Sunday, August 3. After Matty uploaded the footage onto his Facebook account later that day, the video went viral.

And Northside Surf School, a family-run business led by Jon Nolan, has felt the knock-on effect of the video’s global popularity.

His partner, Rascene Gray, said: “A lot of people have heard about the surfing seal and have been inquiring. The calls have died down a bit now, but when it was all going on last week, there were a few days where the phone did not stop ringing.

“It is Jon’s busy period anyway, but there was definitely an influx of calls and a lot of people mentioned the seal.

“We thought the video was really good, but we had no idea it would go as crazy as it did.”

The video has certainly been a worldwide phenomenon. Media from around the globe has picked up on the story, the footage has had more than three million online views and was even shared in a tweet by pop megastar Lady Gaga.