Family rescued after getting lost in fog

A mother and her two children were rescued by Holy Island Coastguard officers on Monday.

Thursday, 12th April 2018, 9:41 am
Updated Thursday, 12th April 2018, 9:46 am
Holy Island

The group had become lost and disoriented in fog on the north side of Holy Island, near Snipe Point.

After a short period of time, Coastguard officers located the casualties near the Coves and then returned them to Holy Island.

Paul Douglas, station officer at Holy Island Coastguard, said: ‘The woman did exactly the right thing when she couldn’t find her way back to Holy Island.

“She stayed in the same location, dialled 999 and asked for the Coastguard.

“Our Coastguard Operations Centre at Humber was able to narrow down the location of the casualty and dispatch us to the incident.

“We would urge anyone requiring assistance on the coast to immediately call the Coastguard.”

○ The North East Ambulance Service (NEAS), Holy Island Coastguard and Seahouses RNLI were tasked on Friday night, as a woman on Holy Island was in need of urgent medical care.

At 8.57pm, UK Coastguard requested the launch of Seahouses all-weather lifeboat to assist NEAS, as the causeway was closed by the tide.

As the ambulance dispatched was from Belford Ambulance Station, it was directed to Seahouses. A paramedic was taken aboard the lifeboat and set off for Holy Island.

However, as the tide was receding, there was concern that the lifeboat may not be able to land at the Holy Island jetty.

Following further information from Holy Island Coastguard, the lifeboat was stood down at 9.30pm and returned to the harbour and the ambulance crew travelled by road to the island as the causeway was reported then safe to cross.