Family of A1 crash victim 'overwhelmed' by poignant car-meet tribute

The family of a 30-year-old dad killed on the A1 has thanked everyone who took part in a poignant car meet in his memory.

Barry Carmon, known as Baz, from Belford, was pronounced dead at the scene following the incident at Newton on the Moor on the evening of Saturday, April 8.

Baz Carmon

Baz Carmon

Police believe that a Ford Transit van was travelling south on the northbound carriageway and the Subaru Impreza, driven by Baz, was travelling north on the northbound carriageway when the head-on crash occurred. The van’s two occupants were injured.

Baz's death has shocked and devastated all those who knew and loved him and heartwarming messages of condolence have poured in on social media for the doting and loving father of three young children, who have been described as his pride and joy.

One of Baz's biggest passions was cars, particularly Subarus, and last Saturday, a fitting tribute was paid to him. One of his friends, Aaron Watson, 16, from Hipsburn, organised a car meet and cruise, attracting a massive turnout.

A sea of vehicles gathered and then travelled in convoy to pay respects to Baz. A huge collection of vehicles assembled at Berwick Ramparts – where Baz used to hold meets – on Saturday evening. Then the cars – some of which bore the poignant words 'cruising with angels Baz 1986-2017' – headed south on the A1.

The cars gathered at Berwick Ramparts for the meet in memory of Baz.

The cars gathered at Berwick Ramparts for the meet in memory of Baz.

Given Baz's huge passion, it was touching that Subarus in the convoy turned off at Belford and revved their engines as they passed The Salmon Pub, where he used to drink. The cruise then made its way to Seahouses car park for a balloon and lantern release. The turnout and the sentiment of the tribute epitomised just how popular and well-loved Baz was, especially within the motoring community.

And his family – father Willie, 59; mother Carol, 52; and younger brother Stephen, 28 – have thanked everyone for their support. Carol said: "We would like to thank everyone involved with the car meet. We were truly overwhelmed by the whole thing. Baz would have been so proud to think he had so many friends and fellow car enthusiasts."

Organiser Aaron, from Hipsburn, was just as pleased with how the poignant and touching tribute went. The 16-year-old said: "There was a huge turnout on Saturday night – 400 cars I'd say – and I want to thank everyone for coming.

"Baz really deserved it. He was such a lively character. He was always the person to make everyone smile and make sure everyone was invited or involved in everything. He loved the car scene and spent most of his time on his Subaru or attending meets in it. He took me to meets and he was more like a brother to me.

"He was killed while he was coming home from a meet which he loved attending, so in return I wanted to organise the biggest meet I could to give Baz a fitting send-off, to show his friends and family not only my appreciation towards him, but everyone else’s too. Baz really did get the send-off that he deserved."

Baz fell in love with cars from a young age and his parents told the Gazette how their beloved son used to go to rallying events. His hero was the legendary driver

Colin McRae, who produced memorable performances for the Subaru World Rally Team. However, while he had a passion for cars, Baz’s biggest love was his three young children.

Speaking from the family home in Belford, his father Willie said: "He had four passions – his children, cars, computer games and his dog. He was a doting father and he had a close circle of friends, many of which were within the car and gaming communities."

Following the car meet, people took to social media to share their thoughts about the ‘amazing’ tribute. Julie Wilson said: "Baz would have been proud of everyone and with all that noise from the Subarus. I hope there was some comfort in seeing how many people wanted to come together to show how well liked Baz was."

During the tribute, money was collected in aid of Baz's family.

He may have been well known in the motoring community, but Baz Carmon was a man of numerous hobbies and talents.

Aside from cars, the 30-year-old loved online computer gaming. He was part of the United Kingdom Elite Gentleman’s Gaming Club (UKE), which would build games and share them online. Following his death, the club changed its cover photo on its Facebook page, showing a picture of the father-of-three and bearing the words: 'dedicated to our fallen brother UKE Baz'.

Baz also adored his one-year-old Labrador Sky and had recently taken up clay-pigeon shooting. Willie said: "He hadn’t long taken it up, but he was getting quite good with the clays."

Baz was a delivery driver for Trotters Family Bakers, in Seahouses, and his parents said that he was enjoying the job.

His death has shocked and devastated those who knew and loved him and mourners have taken to Facebook to leave touching comments. Among the tributes left online, friends and loved ones have described Baz as a great lad, who was always out for a laugh, loved to have fun and had a heart of gold. In one touching tribute, Adam Priest wrote: 'No one will ever fill the gap he has left. The bloke was such a legend. My thoughts are with his family and friends.'