Family dog dies after suffering fatal snakebite


A distraught dog lover whose family pet died after being bitten by a snake at the beach has urged the public to be aware.

Jess Henderson, from Alnwick, said that beloved Buck, aged 10, had to be put down after the adder attack at Warkworth beach earlier this month.

The lovable pooch belonged to her nan and granddad and last Tuesday Jess took to Facebook to post a picture of Buck and urge other dog walkers to be careful.

Her post has proved popular, having been shared more than 1,660 times, attracted almost 560 reactions and hundreds of comments, with people expressing their sympathy.

Jess’ post read: ‘Just so people are aware when walking your dogs, our family dog has sadly passed away after being bitten at Warkworth beach by an adder snake.

‘We’re all absolutely heartbroken. Hope nobody else has to go through this.’

After seeing her post, the Gazette contacted Jess for further comment.

She said that Buck had been bitten while in the dunes and it had affected him straight away.

The poorly dog was taken to the vets and kept there for a few days, before having to be put down.

She said: “Buck was my nan and granddad’s dog, but we are such a close family I thought it would be so helpful for others if I told the public about what had happened.

“My granda, who lives in Warkworth, had been walking Buck, along with his other cocker spaniel, when it happened.”