Fame beckons for students following an amazing show

Anticipation is high for the next production from the Duchess's Community High School, Alnwick, especially after their last performance, a take on George Orwell's 1984, was yet another amazing show, writes Gabriel Brown

As this next production is eagerly awaited, I spoke to Year 12 student Andrew Wilson, who is the assistant musical director and conductor for this year’s Fame.

He said that the music is ‘quite syncopated’ and that it ‘calls upon the virtuosic values of the performers to pull it off’. This shows the real link between actors and music when it comes to performing a musical.

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The band’s position is still unknown and a work in progress, but not much more can be said, says Andrew. The only thing he adds is that ‘there are some young cast members who are extremely talented’.

Another student working on the musical says that currently they are in the ‘blocking process’, where everything is being built up, people are being told where to walk and actors are instructed on how best to say their lines. The band has reportedly also been rehearsing almost every night to date.

Fame opens at Alnwick Playhouse on Wednesday, March 8, with performances on Thursday 9, and Friday 10, all starting at 7.30pm. There is also both a matinee performance at 2pm and an evening performance at 7.30pm on Saturday 11. Tickets £7 children, £9 concessions and £10 adults.