FALL: Youngsters were heroes

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This letter is by way of a thank-you to everyone who stopped to help me when I was knocked over by a van in Fenkle Street.

My hip was broken and I was unable to get up.

Two young Alnwick lads came to my aid immediately.

One of them stayed beside me while he phoned for the police and ambulance, while his friend kept onlookers at bay.

Many people offered help, but I would like to single these lads out for their prompt and practical help.

The youngsters, and especially young lads, often get a bad press, but these two were my unknown heroes.

As soon as the ambulance arrived and took control they just disappeared, without me being able to thank them properly.

So next time you see youngsters just hanging about remember, given a chance, they could be heroes too.

Michelle Duff,

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