FALL: Such a caring community

I would like to say a big thank-you, through the Northumberland Gazette, to all the lovely people of Tyelaw Meadows and Tyelaw Court, Shilbottle, who came to help me when I had a bad fall on black ice last Thursday

Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of any of my guardian angels, except a lovely lady whose name was Becky, who went to tell my husband, who has Parkinson’s disease, and to reassure him.

Also her husband Stephen, who called the next day to check that I, and also my husband, were ok.

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Everyone was so attentive and caring, and brought towels and blankets to keep me warm as I was unable to get up for some time.

Our very kind neighbour Simon, who is also a childhood friend of my children, brought his car and helped me in, then collected my husband and took us to Alnwick Infirmary, then stayed with us until our two daughters arrived.

Fortunately, I only sustained a minor head injury, though I wouldn’t wish the after-effects of my fall on anyone.

I am also pleased my injuries weren’t any worse as when an ambulance was called, originally I was warned that it could take up to two hours.

Thank you to all you wonderful people in our lovely, caring community – and to everyone, be very careful when there is black ice.

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