FALL: Reaction was heart-warming

A big thank-you to all of the caring folk who helped our 89-year-old dad on New Year's Day.

Dad took a tumble in Bailiffgate while walking to see the hunt gather in front of the castle entrance.

The reaction by the people around him was immediate and heart-warming.

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An ambulance was called, a towel found to make a pillow, he was put in the recovery position, jackets taken off to use as blankets and a woolly hat appeared.

People sat on the kerb chatting and encouraging him.

The Cookie Jar staff provided a blanket and even our dog was looked after by passers-by.

Dad suffered two black eyes, a broken nose and a fractured eye socket, but he is on the mend and looking forward to getting out and about in Alnwick.

Thank you one and all.

Peter and Jan Hall,


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