Eye-catching purple poppies are for bread, not drugs

The purple poppy field. Picture by Maggie Bailey
The purple poppy field. Picture by Maggie Bailey

A farm manager has rubbished claims made by a national newspaper that he is growing purple poppies for legal drugs.

Last week, a story circulated online stating that the flowers were to be turned into legal prescription medication.

However, the manager of the farm, near Lowick, has told the Gazette that this is not true, and the poppy seeds are instead being used for bread rolls.

He said: “We have been looking at diversification and we are growing them for a national company which exports niche seed products all over the world. The poppies are a winter variety and a very unusual colour, and they are being used purely for food produce.”

The eye-catching poppies have proved popular with photographers, but he urged people not to go into the field to take pictures, saying he classes this as trespass.