Extra date for Dan Snow

Another date has been added to well-known historian, broadcaster and television presenter Dan Snow's talk at Alnwick Castle next year.

Due to exceptional ticket sales, as well as Wednesday, March 6, you can now see and listen to Dan Snow’s fascinating talk, which includes some history of Alnwick, on Thursday, March 7, as well.

The popular presenter, and well known historian, broadcaster and television presenter, will be entertaining audiences in the Guest Hall at Alnwick Castle from 7.30pm on both nights.

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Often referred to as ‘The History Guy’, Dan will be sharing anecdotes of memorable experiences during his career and will also research and include historical facts and stories relating to Alnwick and the surrounding areas. The show will conclude with a 20-minute question and answer session.

Anyone interested in this additional date is encouraged to order tickets as soon as possible from the Alnwick Castle website at www.alnwickcastle.co.uk as the first evening is almost a sell-out.

The show is sure to appeal to families, students, academics and all those interested in the history of Alnwick.

Dan Snow presents history programmes for the BBC and other broadcasters, has a regular history slot on The One Show and hosts the podcast, Dan Snow’s History Hit.

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Dan is the son of BBC broadcaster Peter Snow, nephew of Channel 4 Newsreader Jon Snow and the great, great-grandson of British Prime Minister David Lloyd George.

He developed a great love of history, which he studied at Oxford University. After university, he presented military history programmes with his father. Their series, Battlefield Britain, won a BAFTA award.