Extra cash donated to fund more CCTV

The CCTV being installed.
The CCTV being installed.

Extra money has been allocated to fund additional CCTV cameras in Amble.

A new state-of-the-art system has been installed in central areas of the town and in Paddlers Park.

The town council funded the project and the cameras have been set up by Alncom.

Now, more cash is available to expand the coverage, with county councillors Terry Clark and Jeff Watson pledging to donate money from their members’ small schemes allowances.

Areas suggested for additional cameras include the Welfare, Albert Street and at the end of the one-way system.

Meanwhile, Northumberland County Council has two deployable CCTV cameras for Amble on a needs basis.

Coun Martin Horn asked if they could be used at the 2018 Colony Music Festival, after ‘alleged minor drug use’ at this year’s event.

Coun Helen Lewis wondered if they could be deployed on Philip Drive, after a spate of anti-social incidents.