'˜Exciting' times at village schools

Thropton First SchoolThropton First School
Thropton First School
Three north Northumberland schools have joined an ever-expanding educational trust, '˜which will deliver significant benefits to the future learning and wellbeing of our children'.

Harbottle Church of England First School, Thropton Village First School, and Rothbury’s Dr Thomlinson C of E Middle School have become members of The Three Rivers Learning Trust.

The trust, which now has seven schools on its books – with a community of more than 400 staff and 3,000 students – exists to ‘achieve excellence and greater efficiency in all its classrooms’.

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Liam Murtagh, executive head of Dr Thomlinson and Thropton First, said: “We feel that this an exciting development for both our schools will deliver significant benefits to the future learning and wellbeing of our children.”

Simon Taylor, the trust’s newly-appointed chief executive officer, added: “We are delighted to welcome these three schools to the trust. They are important local institutions that strive to give every child the self-confidence to develop a lifelong love of learning they can use in whatever they choose to do in the future.

“Throughout the trust, each individual is truly valued for their unique contributions, and as a larger trust, we’ll have a greater expertise to share among each school, to help us deliver the inclusive and innovative educational services that parents and students alike seek out, together with a more effective transition between Key Stages that empowers all our children to thrive.”

The trust is able to access capital funding of around £500,000 per annum that will help improve all of the school buildings it looks after.

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It aims to grow to around 15 schools in the next five years. The other schools in the trust are King Edward VI High School; Newminster Middle School; Chantry Middle School; and Abbeyfields First School – all Morpeth.

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