Excitement of summer holidays

Derek Allan and his girls.
Derek Allan and his girls.

Musician Derek Allan, who is one half of We Steal Flyers, continues his diary.

July 17

I love these days. Morpeth playing the under 9s competitions. Today was in Cramlington and so much goes into the days. The kids love it and they have some top class moments. Rebecca made her debut today and took a wicket first ball. She batted with Ellie too, these are magical moments. Ellie took another great catch and run out.

I like seeing people involved with all of this. Life is better shared with people who share the same interests as yourself.

Then the WSFlyers gig in Dennis Todd’s music shop. I always like these gigs.

July 18

Monday work is always exciting in the morning because there is a lot going on at the table for Melanie and myself and it seems people are ready more so on a Monday. It was a busy day as usual, but exciting all the same.

Later Melanie drove an hour or so and dropped me off somewhere, which turned out to be Craster, and we walked the coastline until we reached Alnmouth. It was good weather and a wonderful walk. Ellie is filled with happiness and hope, knowing it is almost time for our walk for charity and saving people.

Melanie picked us up and we all spent some hours on the Alnmouth beach, with amazing chips from Amble chip shop, always a great surprise.

July 19

It was Ellie’s school leavers’ assembly today. It was a nice time and smiles were shared in the room filled with happiness and hope.

I hope all of the children have wonderful lives. People deserve as much happiness as they can find.

We finished the day with many hours at Alnmouth beach. There were lots of people sharing the sea, sun, sand and ice cream.

July 20

The last day at ‘little school’ for Ellie. Rebecca returns after the summer to do her final year.

I love the feeling of them breaking up and hearing them every morning waking up like I would be, excited to be on a summer holiday.

We have a lot of missions to do and some amazing adventures to follow.

July 21

Up at 6am and off to talk to Ingrid at BBC Radio Newcastle about our charity walk #footprintsforothers.

They are nice people there and the interview was amazing. Ellie loves the build up and knows more money is being raised. Three more donations after the radio, it all adds up.

Then we spent time in Morpeth, another nice place to be.

We had an Acoustic Magic evening in Newbiggin, with music from Sam Bosworth, Garry Featherstone and Daniel Laidler of The Lake Poets. A great night by the beach.

July 22

A few more cancelled gigs and dates today, but it is too late to find new venues – more loss.

However, the Test Match starts today so I will worry less about the worries of living, and making one. It also means I am home on a Friday.

We have decided to watch all the super hero movies and all of the Rocky movies over the summer. After that the Christmas films come out.

July 23

Ellie and Rebecca were at Morpeth Cricket Club today, as they are every Saturday morning, and they love it.

We love being there too, but today Melanie had to drive me to meet Shaggy and play a beer festival gig in Yorkshire. It was a sunny day and was filled with lots of people. It was a great gig, as it always is in Yorkshire.

A three-hour drive, so many plans made, then three hours back so more plans made and lots of car music.