Evidence of drug use at industrial estate

Police have said that there have been reports and evidence of drug use at Hadston Industrial Estate.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 17th August 2018, 2:00 pm
Brought to you by your local newspaper.
Brought to you by your local newspaper.

The problem mainly centres on cannabis and police have urged people to contact them if they see anyone doing this, so officers have an accurate picture of times, locations and numbers.

In a recent crime round-up for the area by PC Paul Dent, he also mentioned that police will take action to stamp out anti-social behaviour, especially at Hadston Precinct.

In the summer edition of East Chevington Matters – covering Broomhill, Red Row and Hadston – he wrote: ‘Hadston Precinct continues to attract local youths, which is understandable as the area’s amenities are all situated at the site. What won’t be tolerated is anti-social behaviour at the location.

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‘To this end, the police have successfully used the parish CCTV to not only identify offenders but progress criminal proceedings. The most recent result, where identification was made from the precinct CCTV, secured a conviction at court in April. This was for offences of burglary and theft.’

He also said that police were continuing to monitor parking, including on Hadston’s Bondicar Road and in Red Row.

He wrote: ‘Police have had regular patrols and have visited and advised several vehicle owners regarding parking. This has centred mainly on the disabled access ramps around the Precinct.

‘There have been some issues around the new building sites but after some liaison with the site manager, this has been resolved. The council and police have responsibility to address these issues, but accurate reporting is vital to ensure an appropriate response.’

He ended his report by saying that the area is a good place to live. He wrote: ‘Hadston continues to be a safe place to live and work, which hopefully will be maintained in the future.’

He reiterated that the police non-urgent telephone number is 101.