Everyone can renew tax credits online now

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is urging the 21,800 people who receive tax credits in Northumberland to renew their tax credits claim online as soon as possible ahead of the deadline in July.

People who don’t renew by the deadline will have their payments stopped so it’s vital they do it as soon as possible.

For the first time, anyone can now renew online, regardless of what changes they have to make.

Previously, large numbers of customers had to call or renew by post. But this is no longer the case and HMRC is urging everyone to beat the queue and get online.

When customers renew their claim, they must tell HMRC about any changes to their circumstances that they haven’t already reported, including changes to working hours, childcare costs or income.

To renew your tax credits online, visit www.gov.uk/renewtaxcredits