Evergreen memories as trees planted in dedication to people connected to Coquetdale

Ten Scots pine trees have been planted and dedicated to people who wanted to feel connected with the Coquet Valley.

Tuesday, 1st October 2019, 11:40 am
Updated Friday, 4th October 2019, 10:38 am
Scots Pines are planted at Cragend, near Rothbury. Picture by Cragend.
Scots Pines are planted at Cragend, near Rothbury. Picture by Cragend.

The trees have been planted at Cragend Farm, next to Cragside in Rothbury.

When Carmen Neagoe heard about planting Scots pine trees at Cragend Farm, without a second thought she knew this was going to be a birthday present to her husband and son, and also a present for generations to come.

The Neagoe family fell in love with Northumberland six years ago when they found Cragend Farm holiday cottage and it has become their second home.

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The stand of newly planted Scots Pine trees. Picture by Cragend.

They have been adding memories since then and these trees represent the roots of the future, a contribution to the environment and nature.

They hope that their only son, Dan, will one day show the trees to his children and spend more memorable summer holidays in Coquetdale.

Dedicated to those no longer with us and for those looking forward to a long future together, the stand of trees at Cragend Farm has already become a landmark.

Designed in the shape of a geometric square within a hexagon, with the help family friend, Dr Ben Aspey, the planting was planned so the trees will be visible as you drive in and out of the Coquet Valley.

The Neagoe family proudly by their tree. Picture by Cragend.

The trees have been planted with wooden tree guards to protect them in their first years of growth.

The hexagon symbolises the shape of a beehive cell, another environmental issue, supported by Cragend Farm.

Tree dedications: Sam Kemp for Mick Kemp; Ange Ferguson for Kath & Bob Ferguson; Joyce Daher & Michael Peacock for Pam Kagan; Carmen Neagoe for Marion & Dan Neagoe; Anthea Logan Wood for Eudora Bowes, the first holiday visitor to Cragend Farm in 1914; Rob & Helen Storer for William Storer and 300 years of family at Healey Farm overlooking Cragend; Jane Cheadle for Philip & Jane Birkett; Mr & Mrs C Lickiss, who wanted to celebrate their retirement.