EUROPE: Struggling to find any benefit

I am seriously looking for reasons to vote for the United Kingdom to stay within the European Union.

Sunday, 5th June 2016, 5:00 am

However, everything I read or hear from the various Remain groups is threats of gloom and doom if we leave. This is backed up by very dubious, unquantifiable facts and figures, such as fewer jobs, higher prices and less security.

Any economist will tell you that trade depends upon supply, demand, costs and prices, and that trade agreements are completely unnecessary.

Comments such as the possibility of a Third World War and house values reducing by 18 per cent are not very helpful either.

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Another concern I have is that I would not be voting to stay in an unchanging EU.

If the UK votes to remain, it will give a clear signal to Brussels to increase its control over member countries and move ever closer to total integration, all matters over which the UK will have minimal influence, as was evidenced by Cameron’s attempts at negotiation earlier this year.

This is despite the fact that the EU needs the UK more than the UK needs the EU.

I have no sympathy for those business people, especially those in the North East, who claim that their companies will be devastated if we leave the EU. It would be their fault for relying on such a limited market instead of going worldwide.

I am carefully considering both sides of the argument, but so far have failed to identify a single benefit to me, my family or my country by remaining in the EU.

It is therefore becoming patently clear which way people should vote on June 23, and so look forward to a bright, new future.

J Humphries,