EUROPE: Not a choice of health or EU

Anne-Marie Trevelyan claims we send £350million to Brussels each week and this is enough to build a new hospital.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 6th May 2016, 10:30 am

In actual fact, we receive an instant rebate of £5billion straight back to us. We also have £4billion returned in the form of payments to our poorer regions and agricultural subsidies.

Of course, being in a farming family, she should really have known this.

That reduces the cost of what we spend on the EU by half of what she has said.

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She should also be aware that the £350million may build a hospital, but it certainly doesn’t staff it or maintain it, and make people better.

Why even suggest the building of a new empty shell of an effectively useless hospital every two weeks?

This creates a false choice – that of being a member of the EU and that of living a healthy fulfilled life. In reality both are possible.

Many economists argue that any ‘efficiencies’ being made in the NHS are an unnecessary part of an unnecessary form of economics; that of austerity.

The NHS is a British asset I am proud of, as I am to be living a country and continent with opportunity, trade, protection and investment.

Creating such arguments to leave the EU lowers this very important debate.

Peter Edge,

Rugley Road,



Cake’s just as I remembered

May I thank Georgina Robertson of Alnwick, R Dixon, and the Reid family of Rothbury for sending me copies of Ruby Baker’s chocolate cake recipe.

It is as I remembered, delicious.

Mrs D Shell,

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