EUROPE: If we stay in, we will rue it

I refer to the article by Julie Porksen, '˜Back a secure, prosperous future in EU', (Northumberland Gazette, March 10).

Does Julie not know that our dairy industry is getting less and less because of cheap milk prices controlled by our supermarkets, which are in the main foreign owned, and the cheap dairy products from other EU countries, and that if we remain in the EU we will be subject to even more red tape and bigger forms for our farmers to fill in?

Our region does not prosper because of EU money, because our country sends far more to the EU than we get back. Nissan will not move abroad if we Brexit as it will still export worldwide, and if the EU puts a tariff on any export from us, we put a tariff on its imports and subsidise our exporters with that. We will be able to control immigration because we will make our own laws, have complete border control and will not be overruled by faceless wonders in the EU.

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The value of peace is something Julie has come to accept as normal. She did not have to suffer, like my parents, during the First World War, nor the Second World War, and we did not win that war because we were members of the EU. Peace was restored because of our Commonwealth Allies and America coming to our aid.

We are still being threatened by France if we leave the EU. With what? We can buy our wine and fruit from other countries. Spain is still giving us a hard time over Gibraltar, and which EU country is helping us to settle that?

Cameron went cap in hand to our so-called friends in the EU instead of being a real Brit and telling them what we wanted. A real statesman would have walked away with his head held high.

It is time to show the EU and the world that Britain is strong enough to stand alone and put all the money, £55million a day, to the good of our own people. Leave now, because if we do not, we will rue it for ever.

I stand for my family, my Queen and my country. I will never be a European.

David Brown, MBE, JP,