Euro MP calls for allowances to be frozen

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NORTH East Euro MP Fiona Hall has called for MEP allowances to be frozen until at least 2014 and a curb put on travel costs.

Commenting ahead of a vote on the 2013 EU budget guidelines in the Parliament, Fiona said: “At this time of national austerity, the EU cannot escape its responsibility to cut waste and inefficiencies from the budget.

“MEPs should lead the way by agreeing to a freeze in allowances until at least 2014 and we must also cap the travel budget at its present level. This is taxpayers’ money and we must ensure they are getting maximum value.

“There should also be an independent and thorough evaluation of the European Parliament’s budget, looking at how we can save money. For the time being, I want to see a freeze in the administrative spending of all EU institutions.”

Fiona pinpointed the additional £180million annual cost of having Parliament based in Strasbourg and Brussels as a pointless waste.

She said: “Scrapping the travelling circus between Strasbourg and Brussels would produce a sizeable saving in one fell swoop.

“It is time to end this senseless waste.”