EU DECISION: The hard work starts here

Here we are, a few days after the EU referendum and I, of course, as you would expect, am delighted.

I joined the Anti Common Market League in 1968 and have seen the culmination of my long campaign against the EU in all its incarnations end in success.

Notwithstanding that, I was disappointed at the tenor of much of the national debate.

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The level of personal attacks levelled at Boris Johnson and others was disgraceful. Intemperate and intolerant language does not do justice to our democratic principles.

All opinions are valid and deserve respect and courtesy.

At least here in the Berwick constituency, we have avoided the rancour and vituperation of some of the televised debates.

I thank those opposed to my views for that.

Thank you to all, on both sides, who became engaged in the process – those who stood on street corners, those who delivered leaflets and above all to those who voted. The high turnout adds legitimacy to the result which must be respected.

Over the next few months and years, we will see changes in many areas of our lives.

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It is too soon to say how those changes will happen and precisely what they will be; though we can say with certainty, that it be neither an instant Armageddon, not the immediate creation of Utopia.

Party politics will not be the same.

The status quo will not prevail and all parties will be different and the nature of what they represent and seek to achieve will change.

In thanking all who made this referendum result possible, I say, the hard work starts here.

Nigel Coghill-Marshall,

Vote leave Co-ordinator Northumberland,

Ukip Candidate, Berwick 2015