Erin sets pace in muddy race

Wow! There was a lot more people there than I expected – area cross country must be a popular event.

We were about the third school to arrive but as more and more schools rolled up I was getting more nervous by the minute.

As many more rivals passed I watched them anxiously with one of my eyes twitching.

They all looked so competitive.

“I don’t think I will beat most of them,” I whispered to myself.

“Okay everyone, time to make your way to the start,” proclaimed Mrs Martin.

So that’s what we did and as I jogged up to the line, mud splattered my legs – not a good start.

Everyone prepared to begin the race at the side of the lake.

“Okay listen up, we are about to start.

“Just to let you know that the lake should be on your right at all times.

“There will be marshals every now and again to guide you.

“Everyone ready?

“On your marks…….Go!”

As the whistle was blown I ran for my life.

Wow, I was in front.

Then I was second….Olivia Welsh was chasing me.

One minute me, then Olivia, then me…..then Olivia again.

“Bye bye,” I shouted to the other runners as I struck out for the front again.

I was first the whole way.

And guess what?

I came first out of 50 Year 6 girls.

I am so proud of myself.

Erin Dodds, Year 6

Final sprint proves tough

On January 9, some of JCSC’s girls and boys went to Druridge Bay Country Park to take part in a cross-country event.

The course took us around the lake and through some of the forest.

Most of the course was on a gravel path but the forest was muddy and very wet.

There were two races as the boys and girls ran separately.

The girls’ race started first and the boys’ race followed about 20 minutes later. There were about 50 girls in the Year 6 race and about the same in the boys’ race.

I really enjoyed running although I thought it was tough near the end when we did the final sprint when actually all I wanted to do was flop down on the grass and have a nap.

Holly Frater, Year 6