Eric from Etal wins £64,000 on quiz show

A long-held ambition to be on ITV's Who Wants to be a Millionaire? has paid off handsomely for an Etal man.

Eric Musgrave on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Eric Musgrave on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Eric Musgrave won £64,000 on the iconic quiz show last week, though not before taking his family and friends on an emotional rollercoaster.

“The whole experience was fantastic,” said Eric. “I couldn’t have gone any higher without risking £31,000.”

It could have been a very different story, however, with Eric clumsily entering the wrong answer in the ‘fastest finger first’ section in which the next contestant is chosen.

“That was the nadir, sitting there in the darkness thinking you’ve blown your chance of sitting in the chair,” said Eric. “After 20 years of wanting to get on Millionaire, I’d made a fool of myself and let my family down. I felt absolutely dreadful.”

Fortunately, he got a second opportunity and took full advantage.

“I was introduced to the watching world as ‘Eric Musgrave from Berwick-on-Tweed’ because the production team had decided no one would have heard of Etal,” said the 63-year-old fashion business writer, who moved north from Kent last year.

He got up to £1,000 before the hooter went for the end of the episode.

After a short break in filming, he was back in the chair to correctly answer questions about Muhammad Ali and Cate Blanchett – both thanks to last-minute research.

“I did honestly begin to think it was my lucky day when those questions came up.” he said.

He had to use his Ask The Audience lifeline on Question 7 and then Question 11 – worth £64,000 – to identify the correct symbol for an octothorp almost snookered him until he took on board advice from host Jeremy Clarkson.

“He may not be everyone’s favourite person but right now I love the guy,” said Eric.

“I had no idea about Question 12 for £125,000, so I took my money and said goodnight.

“Putting aside false modesty, I reckon I earned my £64,000 – even though it is tantalising to think that with two more correct answers I’d have won four times that sum.”

He acknowledges, however, that he made his wife, Jane, a nervous wreck.

“I daren’t think what she’d have said if I’d lost that £31,000,” he said. “As it is, it’s a great start to the new year. It’s not a sum on which I can retire but it’s nice to be able to give our three children something.

“I feel so privileged to have had the chance to go on the programme and I’m delighted to have won £64,000.

It has also given him the taste for more with applications on the way for Pointless, The Chase and University Challenge Alumni.

Could you have matched Eric’s effort?

How would you have fared with Eric Musgrave’s questions?

Q1: (£100) The name of which regular panto character can also be a term for an ideal boyfriend? A Prince Adorable; B Prince Attractive; C Prince Charming; D Prince Captivating. Correct answer: C

Q2: (£200) The section of a symphony orchestra that includes the trombone is known by what name? A Brass; B Electrum; C Pewter; D Steel. Correct answer: A

Q3: (£300) Someone who exaggerates the importance of something is said to be making a mountain out of a what? A Foothill; B Muckhill; C Molehill; D Grangehill. Correct answer: C

Q4: (£500) Which of these signs of the zodiac is represented by a creature with four legs? A Scorpio; B Taurus; C Pisces; D Libra. Correct answer: B

Q5: (£1,000) Which of these countries is an island? A Madagascar; B Mexico; C Moldova; D Mongolia. Correct answer: A

Q6: (£2,000) The father of Queen Elizabeth II reigned as king under what name? A Edward; B William; C George; D Henry. Correct answer: C

Q7: (£4,000) Edward Cullen is a love interest of Bella Swan in which series of novels? A The Maze Runner; B Divergent; C The Hunger Games; D Twilight. Correct answer: D

Q8: (£8,000) What is the name of the central core of an atom? A Crux; B Nucleus; C Singularity; D Paramount. Correct answer: B

Q9: (£16,000) In 1975, Muhammad Ali’s final match with Joe Frazier took place in which country? A Indonesia; B Singapore; C Philippines; D Malaysia. Answer: C

Q10: (£32,000) Cate Blanchett won an Oscar for the 2004 film ‘The Aviator’ for her portrayal of which actress? A Katharine Hepburn; B Fay Wray; C Vivien Leigh; D Grace Kelly. Correct answer: A

Q11: (£64,000) Octothorp is an alternative term for which symbol? A Backslash; B Percentage sign; C Hash sign; D Asterisk. Correct answer C

Q12: (£125,000) The limbic system is a collection of structures located in which organ of the human body? A Heart; B Liver; C Brain; D Stomach. Correct answer: C