Equipment is purchased to tackle Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed.
Japanese knotweed.

Funding has been allocated to help with the future wellbeing of the River Coquet, including purchasing equipment to tackle ‘invasive’ Japanese knotweed.

It follows the AGM of The Coquet Riparian Owners and Occupiers Association (CROOA) at Cragend Grange earlier this month.

Members include representatives from Northumberland Estates, The Federation Anglers, West End Anglers, The Environment Agency, the Northumberland Rivers Trust (NRT) and several private owners.

Notes for discussion included Japanese knotweed invasion on the banks of the River Coquet and the NRT’s work to help the fish up the river at the fish pass located by the side of Rotary Way on the A1068 between Amble and Warkworth.

New legislation covers the control of Japanese knotweed and at the AGM it was agreed to purchase stem-injection equipment to tackle the plant. This will be available to anyone owning or occupying the River Coquet in order to exterminate its growth on the riverbanks.

Shaun Renwick, who chaired the meeting, spoke passionately about the need to eradicate the knotweed from the river’s banks.

He said: “It crowds out the rest of the natural growing plants that are native and changes the riverbank environment, spreading vigorously. Many people are afraid of using the equipment needed to eradicate the Japanese knotweed and we are here to help assist with that.”

A donation was also made to NRT, for ongoing improvements along the river.

For help and advice concerning Japanese knotweed, or to make a donation to NRT or the CROOA, send an email to shaunrenwick@cragend