Wind turbines are set for the go-ahead despite objections

An impression of the proposed Norham turbines looking north from Felkington Cottages.
An impression of the proposed Norham turbines looking north from Felkington Cottages.

Plans for two wind turbines near Felkington Farm, Norham, are set to be approved by Northumberland County Council next week.

The application for the pair of 34.5metre-tall turbines is being recommended for approval by the planning and environment committee on Tuesday night.

There have been seven letters of objection from local residents concerned about the visual impact on their homes and on the Duddo Stones, an ancient scheduled monument. However, planners believe the turbines would be sited in an area capable of accommodating the development and where there will be no significant impacts.

There has been no objection from the Northumberland National Park Authority’s planning department.

John Dowsett, principal planning officer, said: “The proposed turbines are relatively small machines with a hub height of 24metres and a tip height of 34.5metres and they are to be located relatively close to the large agricultural buildings at Felkington Farm.

“In this context it is not considered that the proposed turbines will appear unduly dominant or have a significant adverse impact on the landscape. The landscape would inevitably be altered to a degree by the installation of the turbine, but its overall characteristics would not be significantly altered.”

Some concerns about potential cumulative impact have been raised by objectors, particularly if an 80-metre turbine at Shoreswood Farm receives permission.

An appeal decision is due soon following its refusal by the council last year.

Mr Dowsett said: “The Shoreswood turbine was refused due to its adverse impact on the setting of the Duddo Stones as opposed to its impact on the landscape.”