What’s this appearing on our beaches?

The mystery items found on the coast.
The mystery items found on the coast.

Mysterious yellow items, looking a bit like cable ties, have been washing up on beaches along the north Northumberland coastline.

And as ever, we are appealing to our knowledgeable readers to try to discover what they are.

Mike Hosken, from Seahouses, found plenty of the strange plastic items, which have centimetre measurements marked on them.

He said: “I wonder if any reader can identify the items that have recently been washing up on our local beaches.

“I have found them at a number of places between Bamburgh and Embleton.

“The 21 specimens shown were collected from the strand line along about two-thirds-of-a-mile during a Saturday morning stroll with my dogs.

“Initially looking like cable-tie tails, they have ribbing only on the end couple of inches, on both sides.

“The main length is marked off in numbered centimetres on one side, the reverse being smooth and blank.”

The number of them found and the geographical spread along several miles of the Northumberland Coast area of outstanding natural beauty, as well as the markings, suggests that they have some practical purpose.

Therefore, someone in the region should be able to help us discover what they are, where they’re from and what they are being used for.

It may be that other residents may have found or seen examples of the items while out walking.

Fortunately, the items appear to be more prosaic than others that have turned up on the Northumberland coast in the past including a live Second World War hand grenade and the body of a whale.

If anyone has any information on the mystery items, contact Ben O’Connell on 01665 602234 or email ben.oconnell@northeast-press.co.uk