Village does the spadework

A NEW gardening venture opens in a north Northumberland village this month.

A Community Food Garden has been set up in Wooler for anyone who wants to grow their own produce organically, without the hassle and expense of tending a large allotment.

The scheme will be opened on Saturday, April 28, at 10.30am by Sir Alan Beith MP.

There will be a tree planting ceremony and local musicians, children’s activities and gardening skills spots running until noon.

Ten large raised beds are waiting at the front of Wooler Fire Station for people to plant and harvest their fruit and veg.

The idea was developed by community minister Bill Eugster, working for Glendale Crossing Places Trust, and Jan Casson, locality manager for Sure Start.

Bill is a Baptist minister working in the Glendale community.

“Years ago I used to work in landscape gardening, and over the years, I’ve loved the peace and productivity of gardening,” he said.

“Now I want to help people start to enjoy something new, especially if they can’t manage a garden, or don’t even have one.”

Would-be gardeners will get the benefit of workshops and practical help, as well as encouragement and support.

The scheme is free to join and expenses, costs of seed, etc. will be shared between people.

Jan Casson said: “Children and families can have great fun, planting, caring for and then harvesting crops.

“It’s amazing what you can plant and grow in even the smallest space.”