No-fly zone now permanent

A north Northumberland nature reserve will be a no-fly zone every breeding season from now on.

In June last year, there were reports of low flying by RAF jets over the Farne Islands, which apparently led to kittiwake chicks being knocked from their nests into the North Sea.

The RAF and the National Trust, which owns and manages the Farnes, both looked into the matter and a no-fly zone was put in place for the remainder of the breeding season.

Now the MoD has said that the ‘seasonal avoidance’ will be in place every breeding season.

Following the incident in June, a spokeswoman for the National Trust said: “The RAF have been very helpful and supportive and have worked hard to find a quick solution.

“The National Trust and the RAF will continue the dialogue to ensure a long-term solution is in place for future years.

“The National Trust is grateful to the RAF for their acknowledgement of the National Trust’s concern and their speedy resolution.”

Kittiwakes are a species of the gull family.