Going Green: Love your mum and help save the planet

Arthur Harari. Photo: JC Olivera/Getty ImagesArthur Harari. Photo: JC Olivera/Getty Images
Arthur Harari. Photo: JC Olivera/Getty Images
Is it possible to consider the environment when it comes to Mother’s Day? This is a great question. I have three children who are all fiercely proud of me and what I do for a living.

They know how passionate I am about protecting their future and tackling climate change and I say to them all the time “I love you from here to the moon and back.”

But the reality is, I worry a lot about their future because global warming is only going to increase in their lifetimes and their generation will be the ones that will have to manage even more extreme weather and solve the issues created by our pollution and previous generations before us.

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Mums lead the charge on plenty of things when it comes to families, but they also lead the way when it comes to focussing on climate change. www.mothersriseup.org/ are an incredible small charity – a collective of mums with kids of all different ages who are vocal about climate change and campaign on issues that are going to affect their children.

Surprise your mum with breakfast in bed. Photo: AdobeSurprise your mum with breakfast in bed. Photo: Adobe
Surprise your mum with breakfast in bed. Photo: Adobe

www.mothers-can.org stands for Mother’s Climate Action Network and is a UK organisation that champions clean air and supports renewable energy. They bring local groups of mums who care about the planet together and they support climate positive action.

Research from the US found 83 per cent of mums are concerned about climate change – compared with less than 60 per cent of the general population, there’s no equivalent research from the UK but the figures make interesting reading – a lot of mums care.

If you know a mum who feels passionately about green issues why not share these links with her?

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The more mums who join in, the better and the more voices amplify, the faster solutions will happen to protect the planet for our children.

Invent new recipes with leftovers. Photo: AdobeInvent new recipes with leftovers. Photo: Adobe
Invent new recipes with leftovers. Photo: Adobe

If you want to treat your mum, on Mother’s Day, there are plenty of things you can do that won’t cost – either your pocket or the planet.

Flowers are at a premium at this time of year so why not think differently and go with some ‘experiences’ instead? When was the last time the Mum in your world had breakfast in bed or a lie in? When was the last time you told her just how much you love her and listed the things she’s great at or the ways she helps you? A “reasons I love Mum” list is something she can treasure for years to come.

You could cook her dinner or give vouchers for a vegetarian cookery course. You could wash her car or tidy up for her. You could make her a playlist or give her a hug every hour on Mother’s Day. If you still want to give her flowers and chocolates then indoor plants that will help air quality or a wildlife friendly plant for outside would be great.

Mums are special to a lot of us so why not use the opportunity this year to show the mum you love what she means to you.