Follow Prince Harry’s footsteps and join Northumberland’s Red Army

One of the hand-drawn illustrations by Daniel Weatheritt.
One of the hand-drawn illustrations by Daniel Weatheritt.

Less than one week after Prince Harry visited the county to spot red squirrels with Northumberland Wildlife Trust, the wildlife charity has launched a new membership campaign to save the region’s radiant redheads from extinction.

To support its campaign efforts, the wildlife charity has created an endearing booklet titled The Last Red Squirrel, featuring hand-drawn illustrations from Cramlington artist and designer, Daniel Weatheritt.

It is hoped that that the new booklet will encourage people to become members of the Trust and help it conserve these wonderful animals, before they disappear for good, possibly within our lifetime, as a result of the larger, pox-carrying, grey squirrels.

By joining Northumberland Wildlife Trust in its campaign, members of the public can become part of a conservation success story and not only benefit red squirrels, but many other much-loved birds and animals as well.

For a donation, or a membership fee of as little as £4.50 per month, people really can make a difference, and, as a thank-you, they will receive free access to more than 60 wildlife reserves, regular updates on the progress of red squirrels in the area and a free cuddly red squirrel.

To make a donation to the campaign or become a member, log on at or, alternatively, call the Trust on 0191 284 6884.