Dismay over levels of dog mess found during beach clean

Residents of a north Northumberland coastal village were disgusted this weekend at the amount of dog mess that they discovered on the beach.

A number of Bamburgh residents and friends gathered to take part in a Big Bamburgh Beach Clean on Sunday.

But they were ‘dismayed and disgusted’ at the ‘appalling’ amount of dog faeces and dog waste bags they collected from Bamburgh beach and the sand dunes, which form part of the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

One of the residents involved in the clean-up said: “If dog owners want to continue enjoying the freedom of walking their pets on this beautiful stretch of coastline, they should consider the possibility of there being a restriction for dog walking on the beach during the holiday periods if this disgusting and inconsiderate behaviour continues.

“The beach cleaners were saddened to hear from other people using the beach that Bamburgh is now a no-go zone for many as the dog dirt is such an issue.

“Despite this being the end of the holiday season, parents and young children were enjoying the remaining days of summer by playing games, building sand castles and having picnics. The beach cleaners felt obliged to warn parents about the dog mess to ensure the children avoided this health hazard.

“Bamburgh has dog waste bins distributed in many areas of the village, therefore there is no excuse for dog owners to allow their dogs to foul the beach and dunes without clearing it away and putting the dog waste bags in the receptacles provided.”

Dogs are banned from Newbiggin and Blyth beaches from May to September.