Deadline looming to sign up for Northumberland Wildlife Trust's new Young People's Forum

A chance to make a difference with Northumberland Wildlife Trust.A chance to make a difference with Northumberland Wildlife Trust.
A chance to make a difference with Northumberland Wildlife Trust.
There’s only one week left to become part of Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s first ever Young People’s Forum.

Eco anxiety is widespread among young people, but the wildlife charity believes this can be effectively addressed by young people having a sense of urgency in finding solutions to the nature and climate crisis, hence the creation of the Young People’s Forum.

Through the Trust’s extensive work with children and young people over the years, staff have seen the positive impact that being outdoors in nature has on everyone’s wellbeing. National research by The Wildlife Trusts, including the Department for Education, has demonstrated that access to nature improves resilience and educational outcomes.

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Locally, nationally, and globally, humanity is facing multiple challenges from the collapse of natural systems and a warming global climate.

As an organisation, the wildlife charity believes that putting power into the hands of communities and especially young people to reverse the nature and climate emergencies is vital if the UK is to restore nature and natural systems and regenerate local areas.

The latest project of the wildlife charity’s Wild City Team aims to connect people to nature, the Young People’s Forum has been made possible thanks to support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

As a group, Forum members will be advocates for other young people, leading change, creating greener communities, and inspiring others to become wildlife guardians of the future. They will also represent the Trust at external events and play an active role in implementing the Trust’s Strategic Plan.

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Applications are now open to anybody in the region, aged between 16 - 24, who wants to volunteer to become a Young Advisor.

No experience is required, but in return, successful applicants will receive support and mentoring from Trust staff, training, and the opportunity to build skills and experience in the environmental sector to enhance professional development. Travel expenses will also be paid so nobody will be out of pocket.

Demmi Robinson, Northumberland Wildlife Trust green mentor says: “Drastic action needs to be taken by 2030 if we are to reverse the environmental crises in this country and the wider world. The lives of this generation will be most impacted by the nature and climate crises and yet they have done the least to cause them.

“The Young People’s Forum is vital as we move towards that 2030 deadline, so please take a few minutes to visit our website and apply. It’s a great opportunity for young people to be at the forefront of one of the region’s conservation charities and one that doesn’t come around very often.”

Apply online today at: Closing date for applications is Wednesday, November 30.