Birds and barefoot walking

Puffins on the Farnes.
Puffins on the Farnes.

To celebrate the launch of its 2013 list of 50 things to do before you’re 11¾, the National Trust has identified the best places in the North East for outdoor adventures.

And the Farne Islands were selected as the best place to go bird-watching with other north Northumberland attractions on the list as well.

Following last year’s success in which 40,000 kids signed up to the 50 things initiative, the National Trust has drawn up a new list of outdoor adventures including fifteen new experiences recommended by children.

In a bid to help children reconnect with nature, the charity then asked more than 1,700 kids to vote for their top ten outdoor activities from the list, and then set about finding the best places to experience them in the North East.

The results included going on a really long bike ride at Cragside at number one, hunting for fossils and bones on the Northumberland coast, going bird-watching on the Farne Islands and going for a walk barefoot at Lindisfarne Castle.

Claire Ashby, visitor experience manager for the Northumberland coast, said: “We are passionate about getting children outdoors and we want to encourage kids everywhere to play outside and connect with nature, so we’re thrilled at how many under 12s have been engaging with the 50 things initiative.”

To help kids tick off their list, over the summer the National Trust has more than 7,000 50-things-inspired activities taking place around the UK.

Claire Ashby added: “The Farne Islands are a perfect spot for children to discover the delights of bird-watching.

“The birds are just starting to nest and this week we saw the first puffin eggs of the season.

“The puffins are just one of 23 nesting species so there is a real variety for any budding bird-watchers.”