Become a marine explorer and discover what lies beneath

Atlantic grey seals. Picture by George Ledger
Atlantic grey seals. Picture by George Ledger

Northumberland Wildlife Trust and MARINElife, a charity devoted to the conservation of marine wildlife, are joining forces to help protect wildlife in the North Sea in order to have a better understanding of marine mammals such as dolphins, whales and seabirds frequenting the North Sea coast.

Robust data can help monitor changes in populations, inform management decisions and contribute towards the appropriate designation of Marine Protected Areas, which will protect the key habitats for our migrant marine species.

The two organisations are now inviting members of the public to become either land-based marine detectives or ship-based surveyors in their spare time by taking part in a survey course on Saturday, June 21, 10am to 4.30pm, at Cresswell Village Hall, Cresswell, Morpeth.

By taking part in the course, participants will be taught how to observe and identify marine wildlife and its need for protection, together with the opportunity to learn new skills and develop practical survey experience.

Steve Lowe, head of conservation at Northumberland Wildlife Trust, who will be helping to lead the course, said: “‘So much of the North Sea remains unexplored, so having the opportunity to head off out there and carry out the survey is a wonderful chance for people to learn more about what lies beneath.”

Anybody wishing to sign up for the survey course should email Tricia Dendle, MARINElife administrator at

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