ENVIRONMENT: Village was not the problem

Once again I find myself writing to you, this time in reply to Coun Jeff Watson’s letter, (Northumberland Gazette, September 24).

If he had read my letter in the previous issue, he would see that at no time did I mention Warkworth Village.

Serena Coulter, Jacqueline Galilee, Josie Mulligan and their team have done a sterling job with their planting and tidying up, and deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. If they have felt offended by the remarks made then I am truly sorry, it was not intentional.

I mentioned the lack of grass cutting. Where in the village did he think I meant as the main street is all paved? I was referring to Rotary Way, between Warkworth and Amble.

The members of the Rotary Club do an excellent job of clearing the roadside of rubbish, and soon they will be out planting bulbs, which give great pleasure to everyone who travels along the road in springtime.

My comment was about the fact that when the touring bikes came through there were decorated bikes hanging from every available space, banners, flags, and even balloons. They travelled through so quickly I don’t suppose they would have noticed if the grass was cut or not.

I was not against the village being decorated, but what publicity did the wounded soldiers get? Nothing. Even the shopkeepers of Warkworth and Amble knew nothing of what was happening. Could we not have had a few flags out, or even a puffin sign with the words ‘Welcome to Amble’written on? It would have been better than nothing.

They did get a warm welcome when they reached the Town Square and deservedly so. After all, Amble is the friendliest port and I have been proud to live there for 30 years.

Wendy Boyd,

Beal Bank,