ENVIRONMENT: Searching for green heroes

On Saturday, March 25, millions of people worldwide will switch their lights off for Earth Hour.

This hour is a time to send a message to our leaders that we want action to protect the future of our brilliant planet, and to reflect on the ways that we can individually reduce our impact.

But there are already heroes in our communities who are going that extra mile for our planet every day, and we want to know about them.

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WWF and People’s Postcode Lottery have launched the Earth Hour Heroes competition to find and recognise the efforts of these special unsung heroes.

As a WWF Ambassador, I am urging your readers to help seek out these heroes among us, who make a real difference in helping protect our planet and inspire others through their actions as this is no easy task and should be rewarded.

I encourage people in your local community to nominate themselves or others for awards in three different categories – for their efforts in their home, workplace or community.

Winners will receive £1,000 each and will be presented with their award at an exclusive ceremony at the Palace of Westminster.

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We are seeing the result of our impact on the planet through devastating species loss and climate change that could endanger millions of human lives.

All this takes a terrible toll on the wildlife and ecosystems, which not only enrich our planet, but that we fundamentally depend on.

A brighter future for our planet can start with each of us, and there has never been a better time to shine a spotlight on how individual people everywhere can begin to make a real difference, starting in our own homes, families, communities and businesses.

To find out more and to nominate your heroes, please go to wwf.org.uk/EarthHourHeroes

Kevin McCloud,