Enterprise and a visit from a Peer

Last Friday JCSC had a PSCHE Day. The theme for the day was enterprise.

The whole school from Year 5 up to Year 10 were all asked to create a product or service that could be sold at our summer festival, to raise money for our school charity North East Children Cancer Research (NECCR).

Each tutor group was given £5 and asked to turn it into more. We have already raised more than £3,000 this year and hope to reach our target of £5,000 before the summer. Our class 5LA spent the day making ‘loom bands’. Some of the class brought in rainbow loom kits and bands and our teacher Miss Adams spent our money on a board and some bands.

We started the day by writing in our books about what we would do all day and all about what enterprise is. Then came the hard part, we had to teach the teacher how to make friendship bands from all of the things she had bought with our £5! We worked so hard steam was coming out of our ears. By the end of the day we had made 110 bands to sell. If we sell each band for 50p we should make £55 which is not bad for a £5 investment.

There were all sorts of things going on all day – one class made rock pets with wobbly eyes. Another class made cake pops and sweet trees, which were delicious. Mr Donnison made pocket pencil holders with his class and Mrs Potts made salt-dough decorations.

At the High School everyone was just as busy making wishing stones, worry dolls, popcorn, sock monsters and key rings to name a few things. Everyone joined in and some people even had their faces painted, Mrs Wingfield looked very funny as a tiger when she walked her dog after school!

We are starting to plan for our summer festival in July when we can start to sell all of our products. There will also be a fun run and music as well as sports and other activities. We are also hoping to have a stall at the Puffin Festival in Amble so that you will all have the chance to see our amazing products and help to support our charity.

By Lily Parks and Sian Harrison, Year 5

Through the Lord Speaker’s Peers in School outreach programme, some students from both schools spent time with Baroness Quinn, who timed her visit to coincide with the citizenship day to encourage pupils to engage more with the political and parliamentary process.

Mrs Fenwick, head of faculty