England call-up consoles title loss

Alnwick schoolgirl Jessica Pattinson fought in the English Schools' Championships at the weekend.

Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 2:04 pm
Updated Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 3:08 pm
Jessica Pattinson, red, in action against Chantel Whiting. Picture by Steve Miller.

Jessica boxed Sophie Morton from Doritwich, but unfortunately she didn’t get the decision, although some thought that she had done enough to win the fight.

Father Gary, who is also her coach, said: “Towards the end of the first round Morton landed a powerful right hand to Jessica’s body that rocked her, and she almost touched down, but she dug in, covered up, but she was given a standing count of eight and this gave round one to Morton.

“When Jessica came back to the corner I told her that she needed to take control of Morton with long range shots. Jessica carried this out perfectly and stopped Morton’s attacks as she was catching her clean with two punches every time Morton tried to advance.

“When Jessica came back to the corner after round two I told her that she had levelled the score from round one, but she still needed a big positive third round to take the title.

“In the third round her work rate was through the roof not giving Morton a moments rest. I genuinely thought that Jessica had done enough to win the title, but unfortunately the judges give the decision to Morton.

“Jessica was heart broken as she had worked so hard and committed herself totally to defending her title through the year.

“However, out of the disappointment of the day came great news that Jessica has been invited to box for England in the GB Tri-Nations Championships that will be held in Doncaster at the end of June.”