Ending the year on a high note

Northumberland musician Derek Allan, of We Steal Flyers, continues his weekly diary.

Saturday, 17th February 2018, 14:48 pm

December 24

A few friends came over to do present-drops and so on. Melanie loves making food and people like eating it.

A whole year of preparing for the magical day tomorrow.

We are surrounded by so many good people all year. This is the big thank you season as winter arrives, and so do the bright lights of hope and warmth for truly warm, nice, happy people.

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December 25

It is a great day and, for us, it’s been a good few months of Christmas magic. There is so much to do so we start celebrating early. We like the build-up so we make it longer.

Melanie is amazing at all of the preparations, wrapping, shopping, food and sending off all the gifts around the world.

We are a team of four and all we ever want is to make people happy. I have loved all of the cards from all over, and sending as many out as we can. A card is all some people will get. I hope people continue to write cards, they are so cheap, but they mean so much.

I cannot write about Christmas day, it is our time.

I just I wish you all so much happiness, and not just for Christmas, but for life.

December 26

So many great books to read and add to my collection – Sebastian Bach, Henry Blofeld, Guns & Roses, Thomas Hardy, Nigel Havers, to name a few. This is amazing. I love a few days off work.

December 27

I get hundreds of messages around this time of year and I try to get through them all as quickly as I can, but try to do it without leaving the moment back home.

I like to be everywhere I can be for everyone.

My song Winter’s Kiss has had more than 1,500 plays on Spotify alone.

I have loved this year and so many people have been a part of it. I feel sad when anyone leaves life so I have decided to not look at social media too much from now.

I have avoided the news since I was 16. I already know the world needs me so I am not ignoring it.

I still love Twitter though, so many inspirational people on there.

December 28

We have been mostly catching up with our walks back home.

Next year I have more charity events set up than usual and our usual gigs will make life as busy as normal.

Rebecca has her running, Ellie has cricket and then county cricket trials, so there will be a lot more work for us all.

December 29

I wrote a new song for the new We Steal Flyers CD.

We went for an Acoustic Magic night at Belford, it was lush. Heart Shaped Stone and Carl Cape played a set each. I love being there with friends.

I am a villager and I love seeing villages, being there and talking with the people living in them.

December 30

It has been another great few weeks of overseas test cricket and darts on tv.

It was nice to buy some new decorations for next year and do some shopping again, spending Christmas money on books with Melanie, Ellie and Rebecca.

Deember 31

There was a gig at Stonehaugh to end the year. It was a We Steal Flyers gig and a nice night. It has been an amazing year.

I am inspired by myself, I am inspired by you all, and I will never give up. I realised a long time ago that if you cannot live for yourself then you must live for others. This is our time, we have to look after the future, it is someone’s past.