Empire medal recipient ‘never expected it at all’

Marion Lockhart
Marion Lockhart

A proud grandmother has spoken of her surprise and delight after being awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) for her services to the Glendale Show and the community of Wooler.

Marion Lockhart, 68, was involved with the hugely-popular agricultural show for 25 years, heading up the industrial section for almost two decades. She stepped down after the 2014 event, but holds the title of Honorary Industrial Secretary.

Despite her impressive commitment to the cause, humble Marion, from Wooler, admits that she was shocked to find out that she had been honoured with a BEM in the New Year Honours.

The grandmother of two said: “It feels a bit unreal and I never expected it at all, but I feel very privileged to be recognised in this way. It really is an honour and one that I accept on behalf of everybody who has helped me and worked with me over the years.”

Marion began working with the Glendale Show in 1989, when she became a steward. After six years she moved on and up when she took over as secretary of the industrial section.

Knowing that young people are the future, Marion made it her business to work closely with Wooler First School when she became secretary of the industrial section in 1995, to ensure the continuity of interest across the generations.

The work required careful organisation and an eye for order, but Marion said it was never dull.

Looking back on her time with the show, Marion, a married mother of two, said: “The time was right, in 2014, to retire, but every year that I was involved with the show was a real highlight for me. I really enjoyed it and I loved meeting people. Being the secretary of the industrial section was hard work, but, because of the people who helped me, I was able to do the job.”

Margaret Brown, who is part of the Glendale Show’s management committee, said: “Marion is a lovely person and there isn’t a more worthy winner of this award in the land.”