Emma heads up new weekly weight-loss group in Amble

Emma Julian on her photoshoot for the Slimming World magazine.
Emma Julian on her photoshoot for the Slimming World magazine.

A Pegswood slimmer, who featured on the front page of a magazine after shedding more than two stone, is set to fulfil a dream, by launching her own weight-loss group.

Emma Julian has become a Slimming World consultant and she is starting her weekly sessions on Saturday, August 12, at the Parish Hall, in Amble.

Emma Julian

Emma Julian

She is delighted to be heading up the classes and is looking forward to helping other people with their own weight-loss journeys.

Emma said: “I’ll never forget the feeling of when someone first called me fat. I was in middle school – I didn’t see his face, he just shouted it at me as he walked past, but that horrible memory has stayed with me ever since.

“But it took me until I was 24, almost 15 years later for me to do something about it.

“My whole life people have described me as confident, but I never knew true confidence until I lost weight with Slimming World. I was 22 and had gone to work on a cruise ship after finishing university. It was one of the greatest times of my life, but I piled on the weight.

“I was always tired, but didn’t link it to my poor diet. Eventually I took the hint from my cousin and joined Slimming World.

“I struggled to get going, but then a few months in I found my motivation and I lost two stone in five months, reaching my target of nine-stone-seven. I couldn’t believe how easy it was.

“My whole life I’d thought that there had to be more to being slim than just eating right and exercise. I was wrong!

“With Slimming World the weight fell off and I actually looked forward to getting weighed each week. Clothes shopping became fun and easy, I wasn’t tired anymore, I looked better, I felt better and it was probably the single thing I’m most proud of in my life – until I got to be on the cover of Slimming World magazine.

“And here I am, three years later and realising my new dream of being a Slimming World consultant and helping others to reach their target weights.

“Losing weight and changing your eating styles is hard, but, with support from others in a group wanting to do the same thing, it is possible.”

Emma’s Slimming World classes start at 8.30am. For details or to join, pop along to the first session or call 07506 103529.